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Amazon Business Reshape is Heading to Chicago in 2023

Global procurement leaders gather at Amazon Business Reshape 2023 to discuss procurement and smart business buying strategies to help curb disruption.

2023 is proving to be another challenging year for all businesses. From employee turnover, to hybrid work models, to a potential recession, organizations have plenty of obstacles to overcome.


If you’ve made your way to this blog post, you’re well aware of today’s macroeconomic environment—and you’re likely looking for new solutions.


Amazon Business Reshape 2023—the premier annual conference for Smart Business Buying—centers around our ever-evolving business landscape. Building off the success of our 2022 event, we’re hard at work planning another amazing conference for our customers and partners across industries. This year, Amazon Business Reshape heads to Chicago and the Marriott Marquis on November 14-15. We’re expecting 40+ speakers and over 1,000 procurement leaders across private and public sectors, from business leaders at mid-market companies to procurement specialists at Fortune 1,000 enterprises  globally.


This year’s conference theme? Smart Business Buying in Any Economy

We know how difficult it is to align your business operations with long-term growth plans in an uncertain economic environment. This year, our programming, speakers, and events are all focused on showing how Smart Business Buying can help reshape your organizational processes, fortify your procurement efforts, and ultimately ensure you’re better prepared for the unpredictable. Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of how Smart Business Buying enables procurement solutions to serve as a growth lever for organizations.


Read on for an overview of this year’s Amazon Business Reshape programming and save the date to stay in touch as we share updates about session content, speakers, and event registration.


There’s Something for Everyone at Amazon Business Reshape 2023

Our conference combines learning and engagement opportunities centered around how Smart Business Buying can help organizations outrun disruption. Whether it’s a new policy change in your industry, a shifting customer expectation, or a macroeconomic trend, you will learn how to stay a step ahead of unexpected events—or maybe even two steps ahead.


Amazon Business Reshape 2023 will provide exclusive content, networking, thought leadership, and strategic insights to help you:

  • Reduce risk
  • Save on costs and time
  • Achieve “procurement agility”
  • Find new ways to easily adapt to changing market conditions
  • And more


It’s time to connect, inspire, and educate—and reduce your organization's blind spots.

This year, Amazon Business Reshape will feature noteworthy speakers from Amazon Business, as well as leading procurement voices across industries, Amazon Business customers, and Amazon Web Services. We’ll hear about delivering on purchasing goals, environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) advancements, international expansion opportunities, new Amazon Business technologies, and more. We’ll kick off with our mainstage session, X, and begin a jam-packed two days of learning, conversation, and growth.


Our 2023 conference offers three unique educational tracks to help achieve your specific organizational goals: 


  1. CPO Track: Procuring Change. This track is designed for procurement, sourcing, and supply chain professionals. We’ll discuss how achieving procurement agility protects your profits and prepares your organization for continuity and sustainable success.
  2. CEO Track: Strategic Agility. This track is designed for CEO, Strategy, and Board professionals. We’ll cover how to move your enterprise forward, outpace competitors, and identify resilient strategies for business growth and innovation.
  3. CFO Track: Nimble Finance. This track is designed for financial decision-makers. We’ll explore key industry trends, best practices, and tools in the search for new efficiencies, increased savings, and lower operational costs.


No matter the track you’re on, you’ll connect with other procurement leaders attending Amazon Business Reshape, engage in industry-leading discussions, and share your own professional experiences with other attendees.


It’s Time for Cross-Functional Agility

Whether you’re a procurement leader, financial decision-maker, business executive, or retail vendor, Amazon Business Reshape 2023 has something for you.


It’s a good sign that you're interested in this conference because it means you know that the future of business is cross-functional and industry agnostic. You're ready to break through organizational silos, learn from your functional counterparts across procurement, strategy, and finance, and gather inspiration from myriad industry segments to harness the full power of Smart Business Buying.


We’ve uniquely designed our programming with you in mind, to inspire deep engagement and meaningful conversations. In 2023, we’re excited to bring together people, processes, and best practices across industries and help enable a new level of business agility—and we’re thrilled to be gathering in person once again.


Because we're confident Amazon Business Reshape can decidedly reshape business processes.

And we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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