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Manage purchasing for Retail & Distribution

Streamline purchasing and maintain control for employees in multiple locations.

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On-demand webinar: Enabling smart, safe, self-service procurement

Forrester analysts show that shifting procurement focus from enforcement to empowerment can enable smart buying decisions that balance price with value.


Drive automation, save time, and unlock savings

Amazon Business is the most comprehensive one-stop shop for business purchasing. Enable teams to purchase with flexibility, while maintaining compliance with organizational policies and preferences.

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    Reduce costs

    Compare prices across multiple suppliers in a single online store. Access business-only prices and quantity discounts on eligible products.

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    Maintain control

    Organize user groups with automated approval workflows. Specify purchasing thresholds, and set up guardrails that steer buyers to approved products and suppliers.

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    Make better decisions

    Track and manage compliance with user groups, spend limits, and guardrails on approved products. Powerful analytics automate reporting and inform your budgets and policies.

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    Integrate systems

    Get more from your existing e-procurement system by connecting it to Amazon Business using punchout. Enable single sign-on (SSO) for centralized and secure access.

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    Increase visibility

    Get clarity on how your organization spends. Receive line-item transaction data on p-card purchases, and use powerful analytics to automate reporting and inform your budgets.

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    Get more with Business Prime

    One Business Prime membership helps your whole procurement organization stay ahead, with unlimited, FREE shipping on eligible orders, flexible payment options, and more business benefits.

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“Adding Amazon Business as one of our suppliers has made ordering easier, faster, and more convenient for all involved. There’s a wide selection of items, along with online reviews to help. It’s basically a one-stop shop.”

— Elizabeth Tarin, Expense Coordinator, TJX Companies

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What's in store for retail procurement

Consumers are ready to return back to in-store shopping. Learn ways retail procurement leaders can adapt to changing sourcing demands.

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Amazon Business

On-demand webinar

Cost optimization for procurement: Savings for return to work

Learn new ways to gain efficiencies and unlock savings for your team.

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Amazon Business

How Buying Policies and Approvals helps drive compliance

With a wealth of benefits, like saving money and creating more transparency, Buying Policies and Approvals is a solution that can enhance your purchasing environment.

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Examine the potential ROI of Amazon Business with Business Prime*

  • + $130K

    estimated savings over three years for organizations spending +$1.2M with 110 purchasers*

  • 555%

    potential ROI over three years

  • 3

    average months for total implementation and deployment time

* Based on a Forrester-developed composite organization built from data gathered from customer interviews to reflect the value that Amazon Business could have on an enterprise organization that uses Business Prime and spends $1.2M yearly on Amazon Business with 110 purchasers.

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