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Simplify purchasing management and put time back in your business


Manage your purchasing processes end-to-end and give procurement teams the tools they need to find operational efficiencies. 

Track internal policies while empowering purchasers with an extensive selection in a single, familiar buying experience. 

  • Tailor your account to fit your organization

    Operate centrally or with distributed account permissions for Administrator, Tech, Finance, or Buyer role types. Create buying groups that map to your organization with options to establish group level administrators and addresses.
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  • Choose your payment solution

    Use the payment option that makes sense for your organization. From your existing purchasing cards and bank accounts, to Pay by Invoice, corporate credit lines, and the Amazon Business American Express Card, Amazon Business has solutions for customers or all sizes.

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  • Find efficiencies with integrated workflows

    Support the speed of purchasing by setting guidelines for your buyers. Use native workflows that control spending limits and set approvers across your organization or for different groups. Alternatively, integrate with your existing eprocurement system.
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  • Gain better control over your business accounts

    Implement Account Authority to help reduce rogue spend and enforce best practices across your organization. Establish ownership over an account/domain and designate it as your official business account.

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  • Receive deliveries when it’s most convenient

    Specify business hours and add delivery instructions to help your purchases get to the right place. Consolidate items for predictable deliveries on a designated delivery day and speed up shipping with Business Prime.

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  • Monitor and analyze spend in one place

    Track your progress toward spending goals and discover new ways to reduce costs with Amazon Business Analytics. Use Spend Visibility dashboards to analyze your purchasing from sellers that have identified themselves as diverse , see your top categories by spend, and compare your spending on preferred and restricted items.

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