Account Authority

Gain better control over your business accounts

Access tools to help reduce rogue spend and enforce best practices across your organization.

Account Authority benefits

  • Amazon business

    Increase control and visibility of business accounts

    Establish ownership over an account/domain and designate it as your official business account. Implement policies to consolidate business accounts created by your employees and manage those accounts to match existing procurement processes, promote best practices, and help track compliance.

  • Amazon business

    Reduce rogue spend

    Enable policies to consolidate existing Amazon Business accounts into your official account and route new business account creation requests through appropriate approval workflows. This allows you to maintain visibility into procurement spend and manage it using a centralized account.

  • Amazon business

    Simplify user onboarding and de-registration

    Utilize your existing capabilities such as single sign-on or bulk management for onboarding and de-registration without having to send, manage, and track user invitations.

Available policies for Account Authority

  • Request to join account

    Empowers the Administrator of the official Amazon Business account to require approvals before end user creation of new business accounts. This policy helps track compliance and reduce rogue spend.

  • Account consolidation

    Allows the Administrator of the official Amazon Business account to consolidate Amazon Business accounts created by others in your organization. This policy facilitates centralized visibility and management of spend.

  • Auto user creation

    Enables the Administrator of the official Amazon Business account to automatically create business accounts for employees through bulk upload. This policy simplifies onboarding employees.

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