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Enterprise Solutions

Optimizing procurement for your organization

Amazon Business is built for the unique needs of enterprise customers. We develop innovative solutions to reshape the way large, growing businesses run their procurement operations. Most enterprises are focused on five main priorities: improving sustainability, supporting local businesses, increasing supplier diversity, increasing operational efficiency, and streamlining the purchasing process for stakeholders outside of procurement. Our software capabilities can help address all of these priorities, and help you digitally transform your procurement process.

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Increase operational efficiency

You want your purchasing for your organization to be as streamlined as possible. Software solutions from Amazon Business are designed to increase efficiencies in procurement for all stakeholders involved, even first-time users. 

  • eProcurement system integration

    Give purchasers in your organization access to the wide selection on Amazon Business through our punchout feature, that integrates with over 100 leading procurement systems. You can also grant purchasers a centralized, secure way to access their Amazon Business account with Single-Sign-On.

  • Bulk buying choices

    Shop for products in bulk quantities, like pallets of paper or face masks, find ready to ship case packs, and save with Quantity Discounts.




  • Flexible payment options

    Manage cash flow by using our Pay by Invoice feature, which enables eligible organizations to buy now and pay later with 30-day interest-free payment terms. Business Prime members can get extended terms of up to 45 or 60-days, depending on your membership tier.

  • Delivery preference customization

    Use the customize delivery preferences solution on eligible orders to enable your buyers to get the items they want, exactly when they need them.

  • Analytics to optimize spend

    Identify purchasing trends using Amazon Business Analytics, and find new ways to help optimize spend for your business. With Business Prime, you can get the added benefit of Spend Visibility dashboards--visually appealing reporting to allow you to make quick decisions on your spending.   

Responsible purchasing options

Encourage buying behavior that builds your business, and the communities you serve.  Amazon Business has solutions to help you meet your sustainability goals, encourage small business buying and increase your supplier diversity.

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    Meet sustainability goals

    As an extension of Amazon’s commitment to sustainability, we help you meet your sustainability goals through initiatives such as Amazon Day. With Business Prime, you can choose one or two days as your Amazon Day to receive eligible deliveries. Consolidating orders on a certain day can help reduce transportation waste, and help your shipping and receiving areas anticipate deliveries.

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    Support local businesses

    Encourage your buyers to purchase from businesses in your community by creating buying policies on Amazon Business. With Business Prime, you can indicate your preference for local sellers through our Guided Buying solution.

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    Increase supplier diversity

    Use the supplier diversity features to connect your organization with businesses identified as small, minority-, woman-, veteran-, and LGBT-owned. With Business Prime, you can use Guided Buying to set up Diversity Certifications Policies to guide purchasers to selected sellers that meet your diversity spend goals. And our reporting tools will help you monitor certified supplier diversity spend and track against diversity goals.