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Benefits of Amazon Business Analytics

Amazon Business Analytics is available with your Amazon Business account. It offers visibility into your purchase history and helps you identify opportunities to optimize spend and make better purchasing decisions.


  • Improve visibility into spend

    Identify purchasing trends by tracking purchases made by individuals and groups within your organization.


  • Optimize spend

    Use pre-built reports or build custom reports to identify opportunities for optimizing spend such as supplier consolidation, bulk purchasing, and tax-exemptions.



  • Easy reconciliation

    Compare the order and payment history with your records with the help of reconciliation reports.

  • Access to multiple reports

    Choose from any one of the available reports: orders, shipments, returns, refunds, reconciliation, and related offers, to view and download the information you need.



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  • Order Reports

    Order Reports

    Payment, product, and seller information

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  • Shipment Reports

    Shipment Reports

    Shipping, product, and seller information

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  • Return Reports

    Return Reports

    Details on returned products and reasons for the return

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  • Refund Reports

    Refund Reports

    Track product, payment, and status of refunds

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  • Reconciliation Reports

    Reconciliation Reports

    Compare orders and payments to your records

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