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Helping small businesses adapt to uncertainty

Simplified, agile buying practices help small businesses cope with economic impact and prepare for a future that’s hard to predict.

The global health crisis has hit small businesses hard. Whether you’ve shuttered your business for the short term, have adjusted to selling to customers at home, or have transitioned back to work, agile ways of doing business can help you flex as your strategy pivots.


Small business owners we talk to are staying flexible by adjusting their buying practices. Here’s how simplified buying can help you adapt in the short term and prepare for the future. 


Get the supplies you need to keep serving your customers

It’s hard to know what demand will look like for your products and services over the next few months, and which supplies you will need to meet demand and protect your employees and customers. Disruptions along the supply chain are taking time to recover. Your usual suppliers may be out of stock or may have closed their doors. 


Simplified buying can help you adapt. A good place to start is by consolidating your suppliers. The more you can buy from one place, the more time you’ll save. Amazon Business’ online store brings together hundreds of thousands of sellers, so buyers deal with fewer stock-outs and can quickly compare products and prices. With a free account, you can access millions of business-relevant products from office supplies to professional-grade equipment.


We know your employees' safety is top of mind. Amazon Business customers can shop Infection Prevention Essentials from one easy-to-navigate storefront for protective apparel, cleaning products, safety display items, and more.


Increase cash flow to get through the crisis

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a small business. The US Chamber of Commerce reports that 48 percent of small businesses feel comfortable with their cash flow in the last month. Before the pandemic, that number was around 80 percent.1 Uncertainty and reduced revenue are forcing businesses to cut costs drastically and reallocate resources to support employees and fund new ways of doing business. 


If you need to save money and increase your cash flow, try the following approaches: 

  1. Access deals for businesses: While higher demand is driving up the price of essential items, some suppliers are offering deals to businesses. We offer business-only pricing and discounts, plus up to an additional ten percent savings when you set up Recurring Delivery on eligible items.
  2. Take a look at your spending patterns: With a remote workforce, you may be seeing irregular and unpredictable spending. The more visibility you have, the more you can stay in control. Amazon Business analytics is available with a free Amazon Business account and helps you identify where you can cut costs. 
  3. Use flexible payment methods: To maximize cash flow, it can help to buy from sources that offer flexible ways to pay. Amazon Business customers can Pay by Invoice with extended terms for Business Prime members (subject to approval). You can also share your existing purchasing card with any team member on your account.


Get time back to plan for the future

Small business owners are facing increased demands on their time due to continued restrictions, social distancing practices, a reduced workforce, and other unprecedented challenges.


Now is a good time to automate recurring processes so you can spend less time shopping, ordering supplies, and managing inventory. Retailers who use intelligent search and recommendations can help you swiftly find what you’re looking for. Our solution, Reorder Lists, lets you reorder a list of supplies with just a few clicks. And for items you know you’ll need, you can set up Recurring Delivery to have products automatically shipped.


Business Prime members can access more benefits to help meet the demands of the new working environment in innovative and cost effective ways. Learn more by reading "How to maximize Business Prime for your small business."


We are committed to building a simpler way for small businesses to get the supplies they need. Why? So you can operate flexibly through uncertain times, lower costs, and find more time to prepare for what’s next. 


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1.  MetLife & US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Coronavirus Impact Poll, May 5, 2020

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