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How to maximize Business Prime for your small business

Small businesses can meet the demands of the new working environment in innovative and cost effective ways with Business Prime solutions.

People who work at small businesses often wear multiple hats and juggle multiple roles. In this new normal, these same businesses are also looking for innovative and cost effective ways to maintain their business operations, with increased work from home and lower capacity limits in public places, while also juggling the current COVID-19 impact on their day-to-day business.


Many of you are looking for ways to evolve and respond to this pandemic. A Business Prime membership empowers you to adjust to changing customer needs, establish or improve your online presence, and gain financial flexibility. Membership also extends the benefits of Amazon Business to help you maintain your current operations and prepare for future growth.


Maintain your customer relationships to improve the customer experience


Customer relationships are vital to the maintenance and growth opportunities for any size business, regardless of the economic situation. While you may not be able to provide an in-person customer experience today, you can still maintain your customer connections with Instant Customer Feedback. With this benefit, you can proactively serve and support your customers, while also helping improve your brand reputation and customer retention.


You can source feedback in your most frequently used channels (like email, web, or in-app), analyze the results as soon as they come in, and use the feedback to proactively respond to your customers. For example, you can survey your customers in order to gauge their willingness to return to your store or restaurant when the shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted, which will help you plan for future employee staffing. Or you can inquire about what would make your customers feel comfortable and safe to return to your business to make sure that you have the right processes and items in place to re-open.

This third-party benefit provided by Delighted, a Qualtrics company, allows you to customize, send and analyze customer feedback surveys all in one place, without additional IT support. This feature is free, as part of your Business Prime membership, and is worth more than $1,000 yearly value. 


Building a better website plus built in marketing tools to grow  


Do you need to expand or spruce up your online presence? With less foot traffic expected to brick and mortar businesses, you can leverage a 12-month free trial of the GoDaddy Websites + Marketing premium plan - up to $240 in value. This Business Prime member-only offer allows you to:

  • Create a modern, mobile-optimized website
  • Control and increase your social media presence and email marketing so that it’s easier for customers to find your business while searching on web
  • Provide online appointment booking capabilities


Focus on your bottom line or free up cash flow


Today more than ever, you may be looking to get more from the purchases that you’re already making or need help to extend your cash flow during these times. For those items that you have been already buying or plan to buy over the next few months, you can also unlock lower prices and save money through Progressive Discounts so that you don’t have to lock in capital and make bulk purchases upfront. You can get a lower price on eligible products when you need and get discounts based on volume bought by everyone in your business over the last 12 months.

In order to maximize your savings opportunities with Progressive Discounts, you can even combine it with Guided Buying. By creating preferred list policies with Guided Buying, you can select a reorder list and make it preferred so that everyone in your business knows which products are preferred and also qualify for Progressive Discounts. Then, those products will be pushed to the top of their searches so that you can unlock those discounts faster.


For existing Business Prime members, all of these benefits mentioned above are currently available as a part of your memberships today and won’t incur any additional costs. 


To see the full the list of benefits available, check out our Business Prime page.

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