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Buy now, pay later with Pay by Invoice

Track spending across your organization with Amazon Business Pay by Invoice.

Hopefully you read last week’s blog post (worth checking out if you missed it) that walked you through the corporate credit line payment option. This week we’ll introduce you to another payment option – Pay by Invoice (offered to eligible businesses). Pay by Invoice allows approved Amazon Business customers the flexibility of 30-day payment terms (subject to credit approval) against a line of credit issued by Amazon and no interest when you pay on time. Built for flexibility, you can extend those payments even longer with an eligible Business Prime membership plan.


With Pay by Invoice you can:


  • Reconcile purchases: Get detailed item-level invoices available via email or in your Amazon Business account.
  • Track spending: Search and download invoices by PO, transaction amount, and date.
  • Pay invoices multiple ways: Pay invoices through Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire transfer, or check.
  • Generate enhanced reports: Use the built-in analytics tools for more control.

This allows your Accounts Payable team to pay Amazon directly, while Amazon handles the complexities of paying multiple third-party sellers. With freedom to reduce the number of suppliers you have to pay, Pay by Invoice simplifies your payment process.


Now that we’ve walked you through more details about our different payment methods, next week we’ll address the important step of adding users to your account.

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