Essential Healthcare Supplies on Amazon Business. Get Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Facial Shields, N95 Masks, Digital Thermometers, Ventilators, Exam Gloves, and Sanitizers from our store.

Streamline bulk purchasing of PPE, medical and  COVID-19 supplies for work.

Access supplies with an Amazon Business account.

  • COVID-19 supplies for healthcare and government organizations

    Professional medical supplies to help you protect patients and staff, maintain clean facilities, conduct medical testing, and implement social distancing. 

  • PPE and workplace essentials for COVID-19 and flu season

    Keep your business safe with cleaning, safety, and healthcare supplies, including protective apparel, safety displays, waste management and more.

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  • + $130K

    estimated savings over three years for organizations spending +$1.2M

  • 555%

    potential ROI over three years

  • 3

    average months for total implementation and deployment time

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Amazon Business

Organizations meeting public health needs

Customers at hospitals, senior living facilities, provincial and city governments, and federal agencies are sourcing gloves, masks, and other essential products. 

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Amazon Business

Equipping health service providers to support those who need it most

Community health centres like Mary’s Center are making an impact.

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Amazon Business

Medic Ambulance

"Here's a photo with one of the hundreds of Amazon boxes we have lying around with some of our logistics staff. Amazon Business has been key with product delivery and keeping our operations moving forward."

Brian Meader, Medic Ambulance Regional Director of Operations, Vallejo, CA

Amazon Business

American Ambulance

"Amazon Business has been the smile needed for first responders. They stepped up to supply PPE needs in real-time and on the frontlines. No doubt that Amazon Business continues to play a significant role in keeping our PPE supplies from being depleted; we have never ordered so many supplies in such a short amount of time as we have during this public health emergency."

Paul Main, American Ambulance President & General Manager, Visalia, CA


  • Customers with a free Amazon Business account can purchase available items.

  • Yes, you will need an Amazon Business account in order to purchase. Individuals should check with their purchasing department or those responsible for buying on behalf of their organization to confirm if you already have an account.


  • We continuously work across suppliers and manufacturers to procure additional inventory of critical supplies. We continue to expand and update the product selection as we hear from organizations with new requests for products in need.

  • The intent of the storefront is to get supplies in the hands of healthcare and government organizations. We ask that you do not purchase items for the purpose of resale.

Essential Coronavirus Supplies on Amazon Business. Get Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Facial Shields, N95 Masks, Digital Thermometers, Ventilators, Exam Gloves, and Sanitizers from our store.

COVID-19 Supplies on Amazon Business  

Supporting healthcare and government organizations with priority access to critical supplies.


Organizations on the front lines can access essential supplies as they become available.