Teampay offers a chat-based procurement experience to empower distributed spend management, provide controls and real-time spend visibility, and automate reconciliation.

About the integrated solution

Teampay's software gives companies proactive control and real-time visibility into transactions and committed spend without slowing down their employees. It provides employees with one place to go to access company funds, regardless of payment type.


Its integration with Amazon Business provides customers with:

  • A conversational user interface for preapprovals
  • Automated workflows to guide the customer through the experience
  • A superior, simplified checkout experience
  • Automated reconciliation due to upfront coding and receipt capture


By unifying the entire process, from request to reconciliation, the automated workflows reduce manual work, ensure accurate data, and eliminate frustration at month-end close. This allows Finance and Procurement teams to have greater confidence in their reporting, and employees to make better decisions, faster.


Thanks to the integration, organizations ensure their Amazon Business account is leveraged by all employees — even those who don’t know about it. When an employee requests a purchase from Amazon in Teampay, they are routed to Amazon Business automatically. This enforces compliance, ensures the company receives applicable discounts, and guarantees any preferred catalog items are purchased.



"The integration to Amazon Business means we not only ensure we are leveraging the benefits of Amazon Business, but employees have even fewer steps to complete a transaction. Teampay and Amazon Business jointly deliver a user experience that everyone can appreciate!"

— Juliette Mangus, Director of Accounting, Sensei

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