List of essential supplies needed to setup a new hair salon

List of essential supplies needed to setup a new hair salon

Leverage your business account and beauty license to purchase the essential beauty supplies needed to setup a professional hair salon or booth space

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Where to buy essential supplies to setup a new hair salon


Whether you’re an independent stylist renting booth space or a small business owner managing a hair salon, procuring essential hair salon products and equipment can be a daunting task. With the breadth of products and multiple channels available to shop for goods, it may take you hours reviewing websites as you attempt to compare suppliers in hopes of securing the best value. For this reason, the most effective way to purchase essential hair salon supplies is through an online store with multiple sellers. This allows purchasers to save both time and money by consolidating suppliers and enabling buyers to review several products at once.


Amazon Business, brings together hundreds of thousands of sellers in one place to offer everything you may need to setup a new hair salon and features top brands including MorrocanOil, R+Co, amika as well as an assortment of hair tools recommended for professional stylists. In addition, online retailers like Amazon Business provide business owners with access to convenient and time-saving benefits including product reviews and a personalized shopping experience. Based on your search and purchase history, online stores offer recommendations to assist you in finding what you need and can introduce you to new products that may offer a better value.


We also offers a premium shopping experience to licensed professional stylists through the Amazon Professional Beauty Store that provides a curated selection of over ten thousand professional beauty products. The tailored selection available through the Amazon Professional Beauty Store makes it easy for licensed beauty professionals to source the essential supplies they need for their salon or booth space while utilizing business features including free shipping, wholesale pricing and no order minimums. To get started, visit the Amazon Professional Beauty Store to sign up for an Amazon Business account and submit your beauty license!


List of essential supplies needed to setup a new hair salon


The Amazon Professional Beauty Store offers helpful features including the ability to view top-selling products that other trusted businesses buy most frequently as well as highly rated products. These features can be beneficial to small business owners who are preparing to open a new salon or independent stylists looking to stock their booth space and need essential supplies ideas. Here a list of the items most professional stylists will need to get up and running.


Salon essentials

  • Bleach safe salon hand towels
  • Professional salon hairdressing cape
  • Hair styling clips
  • Hair dye coloring brushes
  • Professional hair dye gloves
  • Hair color processing caps
  • Heat resistant styling station mat
  • Hair color mixing bowls


Salon equipment

  • Hair wash basin
  • Barber station mat
  • Stylist apron
  • Beauty salon trolley rolling cart
  • Hydraulic reclining barber chair
  • Hand towels
  • Hair scissors and shears holding rack
  • Heat resistant mats and gloves


Professional hair tools

  • Hair dryer
  • Curling iron
  • Straightening iron
  • Diffuser
  • Hard hat dryer
  • Roller hairsetter
  • Round hair brush
  • Detangling comb


Professional hair colors

  • Color powder lightener
  • Color activating lotion
  • Liquid hair toner
  • Crème developer
  • Semi-permanent hair color
  • Masque hair color
  • Conditioning cream color
  • Demi permanent hair color


How Amazon Business can help


Now that you have a good understanding of the salon essentials you’ll need, be sure to take advantage of the benefits available on Amazon Business when you are ready to purchase salon essential products. Below are some key features to consider:

  1. Professional-Use Only products and Wholesale Pricing: licensed beauty professionals have access to discounted wholesale prices on some products without any quantity minimums. 
  2. Tax exemption: with resale certificates
  3. Business Prime Duo: Duo is an add-on for small business owners already shopping on with an Amazon Prime membership, to add work benefits to their Amazon Business account at a special price of $69/year for 1 user. Duo lets independent stylists track business orders, invoices, and taxes separately while continuing to access free shipping on both household and business purchases, but don’t want to pay $298/year for both an Amazon Prime membership and a Business Prime Essentials membership.
  4. Automate frequent purchases: For items you use often, activate recurring delivery for business. Out of hand towels or caps every week? No problem. Just set recurring delivery on your preferred product to avoid stockouts and eliminate the hassle of reordering.
  5. Track your inventory: Closely tracking inventory is an essential step in operating an efficient business. The right approach is to not over purchase—which results in clutter—but to buy the right volume at the right time.
  6. Cost -  Look for transparency when it comes to pricing and compare prices with those offered from other vendors. Also choose suppliers who offer a variety of discounts for high-volume orders.
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