You can save time and money buying office supplies when you buy from one location, track inventory, automate, buy in bulk, and watch your spending.

Tips to save time and money buying office supplies

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Buying office supplies can be time consuming, especially for small business owners who have to manage their own purchasing. Here are five tips to help small business owners save time and money buying office supplies.

1. Buy from a single location

The more you can buy from a single location, the less time you’ll spend keeping your business stocked. And when you buy online, you’ll save you even more time. An online office supply store with multiple sellers can offer a wide selection of office supplies, electronics, furnishings, breakroom supplies, and more from top brands.

With Amazon Business, you can access hundreds of thousands of suppliers, business-only pricing, a personalized shopping experience, easy price comparisons, and customer reviews that make product research easy.


2+ Track your inventory

Closely tracking inventory levels is an essential step in running an efficient office. The right approach is to not over purchase—which just results in clutter—but to buy the right volume at the right time.

When you keep track of you inventory, you’ll be able to identify which office products you can set up on recurring delivery schedules, buy wholesale, or buy in bulk.


3. Automate frequent purchases

If you want to save time buying office supplies, the key is to set it and forget it. For items you use often, activate recurring delivery for business. Out of paper every week? No problem. Just set recurring delivery on your preferred product to avoid stockouts and eliminate the hassle of reordering.

Amazon Business offers recurring delivery service for free, with no fees or obligations. Plus, when you set recurring delivery, you can save up to 10 percent on eligible office supplies.


4. Buy office supplies in bulk

Depending on the size and type of your business, there will be some office products you need in large quantities. Save time and money by buying in bulk. While it takes some planning ahead to forecast you needs, you’ll spend less time replenishing your stock and can qualify for quantity discounts.

Amazon Business offers wholesale office supplies, bulk purchasing, and quantity discounts on office essentials, breakroom products, cleaning supplies, technology equipment, and more. Bulk discounts start at just two units on over 90,000 top brands including Lenovo, Hammermill, Clorox, Bosch, and more.

5. Watch your spending

Once business takes off and you have more employees making purchases, spending can quickly get out of control. Out-of-the-box spend analysis solutions are available to help small businesses save time and identify opportunities to save money.

Amazon Business Analytics automatically pulls in Amazon Business spend data to create canned or custom reports so you can identify areas of potential savings. When it’s time to reconcile your accounts, you can save time by having Amazon Business send enhanced, line-item transaction data directly to your reconciliation system or purchasing card providers to help you quickly identify any discrepancies.

Adjusting where and how you by office supplies can be a strategic way to work more efficiently and help your business grow. Whether you’re starting a new business, or you have been at it for years, these tips can help you set up purchasing that will save you more time and money.


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