Buy Copy Paper by the Pallet and Save Money

Buy Copy Paper by the Pallet and Save Money

As a business owner or procurements officer, you know that copy paper is an ongoing expense. Even as industries become more digitized, office workers still use copy paper. The average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year. While growing and improving your business, it is important to save money on typical expenses like copy paper.


To help your company save money, identify what you typically need for each location of your business. Consider how each location uses paper per quarter or per month to help you get a more accurate picture of what you need.


Now, in order to find out how to save on paper, let begin with the basics about paper packaging.


A ream of paper is 500 sheets of the same size and quality. Depending on your business, you made need many different sizes, but the most common size copy paper is 8.5 x 11 inch. This size fits typical prints, copiers, and fax machines. High-quality 20-pound weight can be perfect for economical prints and is made to resist paper jams.


While a ream is the typical choice that people think of when they think of paper, ordering cases of paper can be a good option. A case of copy paper is 10 reams, or a total of 5,000 sheets. Cases of copy paper can be a good option if you need several reams of the same kind of paper. Depending on your business, though, cases of copy paper may not be the most cost-effective option.


When buying paper, it is important to consider your business facility. If you have a small business, then you may not have the room to go beyond reams or cases of copy paper. If your business facility has more space, though, you have even more opportunities for cutting your paper costs. The ability to receive and store paper pallets opens your business up to tremendous savings.


A pallet of paper is 40 cases. The total number of sheets in a pallet is 200,000 sheets (40 cases x 10 reams x 500 sheets). Consider the following scenario. Let assume your business has one location and 100 employees. Based on the average paper use per employee, your business will need about 1 million sheets of paper or 200 cases of paper. The average price for a case of paper is $60, which means you could be spending $12,000 per year on copy paper. If you buy the same amount of paper in pallets, you will only need 5 pallets. The average price of a pallet is around $1,800, which means you would only be spending $9,000 per year for copy paper. By ordering by the pallet, you can save $3,000 on copy paper in a year!*



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