Benefits of Buying Office Supplies in Bulk

Why buy office supplies in bulk?

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Growing and maintaining your business means finding ways to increase efficiency and save money. Shopping for the best deal on office supplies, especially when you have multiple items to purchase, can be time consuming and that time is precious when running a business. Figuring out where to shop in the first place and knowing how to manage your purchasing can be a daunting task when you do not have the right resources or even know where to begin. Despite these challenges, you can easily simplify the process by working with the right suppliers for your business and utilizing tools that fit your unique needs.


Some great tips to simplify your buying process are:


  • Reduce and automate your orders – Signing up for recurring deliveries will reduce the time spent on your purchasing process. Consider what supplies you will need in large quantities and track inventory to ensure you are maximizing each purchase.
  • Purchase items that offer bulk discounts - Many suppliers want to move inventory and will offer quantity discounts on higher unit orders. This can also save you money on your shipping fees.
  • Buy from a single location – Stores that specialize in a product will often have multiple suppliers to shop from so you can get everything you need in one place. This means less shopping around for you.


Buying your office supplies in bulk requires unique insights into your business. Some things to consider are:

  • Know your top categories – What are your essential items? Are there items you run out of often?
  • Track your inventory – Where can you reduce costs? Do you have supplies that sits untouched?
  • Watch your spending – Is your current purchasing process achieving or hurting the financial goals for your company? Do you have the tools to create an effective spend analysis of your business?


There are other factors to consider when buying your office supplies in bulk:

  • Storage – Consider how much space you have available to house items purchased in bulk and whether you would need to factor in the cost of expanding your space.
  • Excess inventory – Review how often you go through supplies so you can strategically plan your bulk purchase to eliminate unused products.
  • Choosing the right supplier – Know the costs, lead times, and payment terms with your supplier. Think about ways for you to consolidate your purchasing to reduce the time it takes to manage your orders.


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