How to Manage Computer and IT Supply Needs for your Business?

How to Manage IT Supply Needs for your Business

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As more organizations digitally transform, having the right IT supplies is essential in keeping your business running smoothly. With a wide variety of IT products available, narrowing down what your organization needs can be a daunting task. To help simplify this process, determine the basic IT products your company requires and find ways to save time and money on buying those products. Knowing these factors can help keep you on budget and effectively manage your IT product supply.



Computer Peripherals


The types of products below, such as input peripherals (keyboards and computer mice), or output peripherals (speakers or headsets), add functionality to a computer.



Computer Accessories


This category can include computer bags, cases, cables, adapters, docks, stands, computer locks, and privacy filters. Having the correct cables, adapters, and docks can help keep your team connected with ease. If you have employees that travel, providing a bag or case to protect their computers will help keep your IT product investment safe. To further keep your company information protected, privacy filters and locks can prevent the wrong people from accessing your company information.



Other IT Accessories


A variety of other IT supplies can help your business stay productive.


  • Monitors come in a multitude of sizes and capabilities so knowing your business needs can help you determine the right product(s) for your organization.
  • Computer components such as external/internal drives, graphic cards, PC memory, and portable memory storage can help manage your data.
  • Networking supplies are vital IT products that can ensure your business stays connected. Wi-Fi extenders, network switches, Wi-Fi routers, USB ports, and network adapters are a few networking devices that can accomplish this.
  • Power Supplies can include batteries for small devices, surge protectors for multiple cables, and charging docks to keep your devices powered up.



How to manage orders and supplies?


Ordering all these different types of IT supplies for your company can be challenging. Knowing your business needs can help you whittle the list down to the essential products. Consider the following when determining your IT supply orders.

  • Product use: Consider how each IT product will be used in your facility and how much of each item your company will need.
  • Make a list: Keep a checklist for your necessary IT supplies. That can help ensure you don’t miss something when you place orders.
  • Storage space: Factor in how much space you’ll need for any IT workstation and storage for any back-up supplies.



How can Amazon Business help?


Managing orders and supplies can quickly get complicated. With spend analysis tools through Amazon Business, however, you can keep track of your purchases and manage your budget quickly and easily. You can also reduce and automate your orders by signing up for Recurring Deliveries, a free subscription service that Amazon Business provides. It can decrease the time it takes to place your orders—freeing you to focus on the other needs of your business. In addition, Quantity Discounts on orders starting at tiers of just two items can save you money on product pricing. To save even more, Business Prime offers Progressive Discounts as well as free 1-2 day shipping on eligible products.


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