Save time on business purchases

Save time on business purchases

Create and share a business-shopping list.

How do buyers in your organization benefit?



  • Simplify buying by creating lists

    Simplify buying

    Create lists that are unique to your needs. Organize purchases by creating as many categories of lists as you want. Reorder entire lists or specific items on the lists, making purchasing for work easier.


  • Get started easily

    Get started easily

    Start by leveraging our curated list of essential business items across six categories: office supplies, IT peripherals, breakroom supplies, janitorial and sanitation supplies, maintenance (MRO), and work from home. Edit or add to these lists to customize them for your needs.

  • Save time and focus on high value activities

    Save time and focus on high-value activities

    Create lists and reorder from those lists, and spend less time searching items that you buy frequently. Spend more time serving your customers.

How does your organization benefit?



  • Encourage good purchasing behavior

    Encourage good purchasing behavior

    Creating and sharing lists sends a signal to buyers that the organization recommends items on those lists. Buying from those lists results in standardization of purchases across the organization.

  • Reduce costs

    Can lower costs

    Purchase standardization leads to lower costs as buyers purchase larger quantities of the same item each time, earning Quantity Discounts on eligible products. Business Prime members can earn Progressive Discounts (available with small, medium, and enterprise plans) on repeat purchases of eligible items. You don't need to buy everything at once to earn discounts. We will track purchases by all buyers within your account and automatically apply progressive discounts.

  • Facilitate compliance

    Facilitate compliance without setting formal rules

    Encourage buyers to purchase from your preferred lists, thereby driving compliance with your organization's purchasing policies. Convert lists into preferred item policies with Guided Buying thus helping to formalize the buying process. Guided Buying is available with all Business Prime plans except Duo.

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