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Streamline access and reduce security risk

Give your buyers secure and

one-click access to Amazon Business

with single sign-on (SSO).

Amazon Business SSO benefits

  • Amazon business

    Centrally control access

    Empower Amazon Business Administrators to centrally enable and disable buyer access through your organization's identity provider.

  • Amazon business

    Secure and easy to use

    Use existing corporate credentials to purchase through Amazon Business without having to create or manage additional passwords. Maintain the same secure, one-click experience as with your existing SSO integrated corporate apps.

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    Accelerate user adoption

    Automatically create new users on Amazon Business and remove the overhead of manually creating users.

People accessing Amazon Business using single sign-on

Easier and friction-free user access with single sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is an integral part of most organizations identity management strategy today. This blog post introduces Amazon Business SSO and describes how to get started.

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  • Your organization's buyers can use SSO to access Amazon Business through a direct Service Provider (SP)-initiated URL or through an eProcurement system (punchout). Once registered, buyers can navigate to, provide their email address, and authenticate with their corporate credentials.

  • There are three steps to set up SSO for your Amazon Business account:

    1. Set up the Amazon Business SSO app on your identity provider (IdP)
    2. Provide your IdP metadata and attribute mapping information to Amazon Business
    3. Test your SSO connection and activate it for your Amazon Business account
  • If you are the Amazon Business account Administrator, you can get started by using the self-service SSO set up. In some cases, you may need a member of your IT team to help you.

  • Amazon Business uses the industry standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0, which means our implementation of SSO integrates easily with any large identity provider that supports SAML. We support service provider initiated SAML with identity providers such as Okta, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft ADFS, OneLogin, AWS SSO, TrustLogin, and Google G Suite.

If you are the Amazon Business account Administrator, set up SSO today