Streamline purchasing with Integrated Search

Streamline purchasing with Integrated Search

Search and select products from Amazon Business without leaving your spend management or eProcurement system.

Amazon Business Integrated Search benefits

  • simplify the purchasing process

    Simplify the purchasing process

    Most business purchases begin with a search. Amazon Business Integrated Search lets your buyers search and shop from your spend management or procurement tools, reducing clicks, saving time, and supporting compliance with your organization’s purchasing policies.

  • access the full Amazon Business selection

    Access the full Amazon Business selection

    Access hundreds of millions of products with business-only pricing and real-time availability from your current buying solution. Simply search for relevant products, make your selection, and start your order.

  • drive compliance with purchasing policies

    Drive adoption of purchasing policies

    Let users search, select, and buy while helping enhance compliance with your purchasing policies and controls. Take advantage of Business Prime features that let you set spend limits, as well as Guided Buying policies that let you steer buyers to preferred products and categories, encourage small business buying, help meet sustainability goals, and increase supplier diversity.


  • Setting up Amazon Business Integrated Search requires an existing punchout integration with Amazon Business through a spend management or eProcurement system that supports the Integrated Search feature. See below for a list of providers that support Integrated Search.  An Amazon Business Account Administrator can set up punchout using the self-configuration tool; from your business account, go to Business Settings > System integrations > Configure purchasing system and follow the step-by-step instructions provided. Then, you can contact your Amazon Business Customer Advisor or P2P purchasing software provider to request activation of Integrated Search. 

  • We currently integrate with purchasing systems from Adelpo, BeNeering, BuyerQuest, Coupa, GEP, Ivalua, Onventis, and SAP Ariba.


  • Once enabled with the Amazon Business Product Search API (PS API), Integrated Search allows users shopping on your spend management or eProcurement system to search and find Amazon Business products directly in your system environment. Within displayed search results, users can choose the right product and submit orders via Level 2 punchout. Integrated Search with Level 2 punchout allows users to search for a product within the spend management or eProcurement system, view search results, decide which item best meets their needs, and then proceed to punch out directly to the product detail page on Amazon Business.

  • With Amazon Business punchout integration, users begin their purchases within their P2P or eProcurement software, "jumping out" to the Amazon Business store, searching for and selecting products and creating a shopping cart that is then submitted back to their eProcurement system for approval. With Integrated Search, users can search for products from within the eProcurement system, and view selection and make purchases without leaving the eProcurement environment.

  • Third parties can collaborate with an Amazon Business customer advisor on behalf of their client to quickly and easily integrate Amazon Business as a punchout catalogue on supported purchasing systems. If you are a P2P software partner looking to integrate your application with Amazon Business to enable an integrated search experience, contact us here.

To get started with Integrated Search, contact your Customer Advisor.