Return on Investment

Determining Your Return on Investment (ROI) of Business Prime

When your organization is examining how to calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) of deploying Amazon Business with Business Prime, here are some key things to keep in mind:

Key ROI Considerations for Business Prime

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    Optimizing Tail and Rogue Spend

    Help your organization manage tail and rogue spend by consolidating Prime memberships under one account.

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    Procurement Efficiencies

    Track compliance and reduce employee questions when you turn procurement rules into easy-to-follow signposts for buyers. Increase spending insights with advanced analytics and reduce time creating customized reports.

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    Enhanced Business Pricing & Shipping Benefits

    Unlock new discounts on products your organization buys often with Progressive Discounts. Choose from multiple shipping options based on timing (Same-Day, One-Day, Two-Day), consolidating items, or preferred shipping day based on eligible items.

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The ROI of Amazon Business and Business Prime

Calculate your ROI of an Amazon Business account with Business Prime


Amazon Business commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential return on investment that enterprises may realize by deploying Amazon Business with Business Prime. 


Using this calculator you’ll get a personalized analysis of ROI. For example, you'll get insights like multi-year costs and Net Present Value (NPV) of benefits such as:


·         Procurement efficiency gains

·         Spend control optimization savings

·         Spend savings on items and shipping


Check back soon to measure potential ROI for small and medium-sized organizations.


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