Configure spend limits

Watch this video to learn how to configure spending limits within your buying policies and approval workflows.

Configure spend limits

Let’s dive into configuring an approval workflow, based on spending limits for orders

To configure an approval workflow, you must be a group administrator. Confirm with your account administrator that you have the appropriate role in order to proceed with configuration. If you are ready to assign an approver, hover over Hello and select Business Settings.

  • Scroll down to the Buying Policies section, select Buying Policies and Approvals. Note: If you are an administrator of multiple groups, make sure you are in the right group, as policies are managed at the group level. You can confirm the right group for configuring your policy with this drop-down menu.
  • To add your group-specific policy, select Add Policy
  • Select Order Policies, then select Spending Limits for Orders
  • Pick a name for your policy
  • Update the message for buyers
  • Determine the spending limit. If you select all orders, then all orders in this group will route for review.
  • Finally, designate who the approver or approvers for your group will be. Note, they must already be registered in order to be configured.

Only one person, at each level of approval, will ultimately need to approve the order. However, all approvers will be notified of a pending request. Once submitted for approval, carts will hold the price and quantity available of their items for 7 days, including weekends. Requests must be reviewed by an approver at each level and, when approved, the purchase must be made within 7 days or the request will be cancelled. The buyer can resubmit their cart, but the prices and quantities are subject to change.


You can edit the approval workflow for your group at any time. When you are happy with your policy, be sure to select save. 

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