Members overview

Find out how to invite members to your Amazon Business account. Members can edit roles and add or remove a user to and from your business account group.

Amazon Business Member Overview

To manage members, sign in to your business account, hover over Hello, and select “Business Settings.”

  • Scroll down to the Members section. 
  • The people section of your account enables you to manage all active users on the business account. 
  • Add and remove users, edit user roles, and download the complete list of account users from this section of your account. 
  • The invitations section tracks all pending and expired invitations to users. 
  • Once a user has accepted their invitation, that person will move to the people section.


To help keep your users organized, people can be added to specific groups. Many settings, such as shared payment methods, Buying Policy messages, blanket purchase orders (BPOs), and approvals, can be configured at the Group level. Watch our supplementary video about Groups here.

Manage users on your Amazon Business account