Configure Guided Buying

Learn how to configure guided buying policies based on sellers, orders, and products.

Configure Guided Buying

To start configuring guided buying policies, navigate to Business Settings, scroll down to the Buying Policies section, and select Buying Policies and Approvals.

To prefer sellers, you can either select Prefer Sellers under the Policies tab or select the Preferred Sellers tab. You can follow the guidance in these tools to identify and save your preferred suppliers.

To prefer products, select the Preferred Products tab. You can either establish an existing list as preferred, choose from Amazon’s top selection, or select Add Preferred Products and start shopping the marketplace. You will have the option to add to Preferred Products/Sellers as you search. To restrict or block categories, confirm you are in the Policies tab and select Product Policies. Under Product Policies, you can choose from a variety of restriction or blocking options.

As you configure policies that support your organization’s purchasing policies and goals, take note of the following features and rules:

  • Preferring a specific product ensures that a particular make or model is shown to end users while they shop.
  • Preferred product policies will override a restricted or blocked category policy, but preferred seller policies will not.

Steer buyers to products your organization recommends