Approving Requests

Approval workflows empower organizations to maintain control over spending without the bottlenecks. Learn how to approve requests and optimize your workflows.

Approving Requests

Approval workflows are one of the features available through Amazon Business’s buying policies. They can be configured by administrators and be based on restricted policies or order policies. Approvers will see notifications in multiple locations for all requests pending review: email, homepage dashboard, and login. Approvers can also hover over Hello and select “Approve Orders,” which will take them directly to the approval portal.


Once submitted for approval, carts will maintain the price and quantity available of the items for 7 days, including weekends. Requests must be reviewed by an approver at each level and, when approved, the purchase must be made within 7 days or the request will be cancelled. The buyer can resubmit their cart, but the prices and quantities are subject to change. On the order details page, you can review a variety of items, including the shipping address, payment method, and each individual item requested.


Depending on your organization, you may also see a PO field. If any of the items have to be rejected, you can reject them on a line-item basis, which will not interfere with the other items. If you have to reject the order due to an incorrect shipping address or payment method, you will have to reject the entire order. If you reject the entire order, we recommend that you leave a comment for the buyer explaining the reason and, where appropriate, inviting them to resubmit the request with a correction. In the rejection email, the buyer will see a link they can use to rebuild their cart if needed.


Once you approve the order, the buyer will receive a confirmation email and the order will route for fulfillment. 

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