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The risks and costs of cyber security for small businesses

Learn how McAfee and Amazon Business have teamed up to help small business combat cyber threats.

Ever have to run your business with one hand elbow-deep in a computer and the other hand on a phone frantically searching for IT support answers online? Doing emergency surgery on company time while customer emails pile up is probably one of the most stressful events as a small business owner and unfortunately, it happens too often.


Unlike large companies with multiple backup devices and a full IT staff, a small business might need to make do with DIY fixes combined with search engine results in order to keep things running. While inexpensive on paper initially, a critical device failure may cripple your business or even halt revenue. On the flip side, the median 2019 IT professional salary was $83K per year (not including benefits) in the United States. For small businesses, this may represent an enormous expenditure when there aren’t really that many devices to keep IT from getting bored.


McAfee Security for Amazon Business Prime provides an affordable and holistic solution outside of the proverbial rock and a hard place to solo entrepreneurs and budding small business owners looking to protect up to 25 devices.


IT services when you need it


McAfee Security for Amazon Business Prime features McAfee IT Incident Service, with a full staff of tech experts standing by 24/7/365 as your lifeline when you need them most. This IT support can help solve a vast majority of tech-related issues, such as network and device troubleshooting, setup guidance for OS and software, performance tune-ups and more.


Since small businesses have less devices to worry about, our solution balances the price by having a specific amount of IT incident resolutions per subscription cycle, with significantly less cost than an IT staff member and access to the collective expertise of a veteran IT team.


Holistic Protection


Hardware and software running smoothly? Check. Next on the list is keeping them protected from third-party threats, like malware.


Hackers tend to target small businesses because they often lack the resources to prepare and address cyber threats. The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that 43% of breaches involved small businesses. Of those, 29% lost revenue and a sobering 38% of them lost more than a fifth of their revenue.


The financial impact isn’t always the hardest part of a cyber-attack. Your reputation can suffer drastically as well, with 22% of businesses losing a significant chunk of their customer base after a cyberattack.


What more, default security often provides insufficient protection against typical hackers. That because most default solutions only provide specific types of protection rather than a full-spectrum, holistic solution.


McAfee Security for Amazon Business is that full-spectrum protection. We combine affordable, on-demand IT support with award-winning antivirus security and add in data privacy protection for a blend of services, protection, and utility designed to keep your business running with minimal interruptions.


The Offer


On top of our IT Incident Resolutions, our Amazon Business Prime member exclusive offer includes the following:

  • Award-winning antivirus, two-way firewall, and more device protection systems.
  • Protection across a multitude of devices including Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS platforms.
  • Privacy Tools such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) access, secure storage and deletion of sensitive business files.
  •  5-user Password Manager for secure password generation and storage across as many devices as necessary.


Find Us on Business Prime


Once you sign up for Business Prime, you can find this offer near the bottom of our benefits page. To redeem the offer, select the option appropriate for your business size, redeem online with McAfee, and download the McAfee client onto your business device. Members can then access their McAfee MyAccount admin portal to easily add incremental devices or start inviting team members to access the features.

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