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'Streamline buying with Integrated Search

The Integrated Search with Amazon Business to boost your eProcurement system

Amazon Business serves more than five million businesses and generates $25 billion in worldwide annualized sales. Via end-to-end integration into their own purchasing system via PunchOut, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises benefit from the selection even from within their eProcurement solution. In these so-called PunchOut integrations, the purchase experience today must be initiated from the eProcurement solution, with the user “punching out” to Amazon Business’ store and creating the shopping cart that will be submitted for approval in the eProcurement software. This process takes on average 2.7 days to complete, the users have to use different environments to search for products and training is necessary to build up the knowledge about the interaction of multiple systems.

The Integrated Search with Amazon Business to boost your eProcurement system

Our latest innovation is to deliver an Integrated Search experience to all our business customers. The goal was to build a completely integrated Amazon Business search experience within any eProcurement system. With Integrated Search, Amazon Business provides buyers easy access to hundreds of millions of products within their system landscape, and them benefiting from business-only pricing and selection. They search for relevant products, select the right one from all available product offers and order as usual in just a few steps.

Amazon Business's Integrated Search solution is a perfect add-on to our standard catalogs in Onventis and helps us to further increase our process efficiency on an international level. 
– Philipe von Spiegel | SCHOTT AG | Process Management & Digitalization


Most purchases start with a search for a product. So why not do so directly in your existing eProcurement system? Customers, who are already launched with this feature, expressed a “strong preference of Integrated Search over PunchOut”, where the user can stay within the familiar system environments when searching for an Amazon Business product.

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The Product Search API, thus access to the full Amazon Business selection, is available to all customers of this solution-supporting partners, who want to benefit from a fully integrated Amazon Business search experience inside their e.g. eProcurement or spend management software. Partners already supporting an Integrated Search experience today are e.g. GEP, Ivalua, Onventis, BeNeering and OpusCapita and the number is growing.

If you are a customer, you can learn more about our partners by visiting our Amazon Business Partner Network and connect with us to activate that feature with partners, who today already offer this solution.

If you are an eProcurement software partner looking to integrate your application to Amazon Business to provide our joint customers an integrated search experience, contact us here.

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