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Celebrating small businesses across Canada with Amazon Business 

Small Business Month

Amazon Business is proud to celebrate Small Business Month and will launch a campaign to celebrate and support Small Businesses in Canada.

Amazon Business & small businesses in Canada:


Did you know that Amazon spends billions of dollars every year to help small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) around the globe succeed in our stores? In 2019, thirty thousand Canada-based Selling Partners, many of whom are small businesses, collectively grossed more than $1 billion on Amazon.ca and generated more than $2 billion from Amazon’s stores around the world. Many sellers recognize the opportunity of selling to Amazon and Amazon Business customers. For example, La Clef de Sol, a Quebec-based electronics small business, started selling on Amazon.ca to our retail customers. 


SMBs are the backbone of Canadian economy, comprising of 97% of the country's total businesses. Due to pandemic last year, we heard from many of our Selling Partners regarding the disruptions they experienced as organizations had to move their procurement fully online to quickly adapt to a remote workforce. We are happy to help ease them through that transition and process, with our easy-to-use purchasing system that allows administrators add thousands of users to a single account. Looking ahead, we are focused on helping our customers and selling partners meet the demands of the future workplace. It is important to accelerate the growth of SMB’s especially after the disruptions caused by COVID-19.


Small Business Month in Canada:


Small Business Month is a national celebration of contributions made by entrepreneurs and small businesses to local communities, provinces, and the entire Canadian economy. During the month of October, thousands of small business owners take advantage of events, resources, and other opportunities when they come together to celebrate, learn, and network with other entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Amazon Business is celebrating Small Business Month to help small sellers and customers on Amazon Canada. Amazon Business is helping small businesses get the right supplies, increase cash flow, and save time. From October 1 to November 13, we invite small business customers the opportunity to discover deals including savings of up to 15% on 2,000 AmazonBasic products (exclusions apply). Click here to view the Small Business Month storefront. 


Special offer for new Amazon Business customers: 


Register now to take advantage of $25 off your first eligible purchase of $100 or more (terms apply).


Once your new account is verified, you will be able to use the code SMALLBIZ after 48 hours to redeem this limited time offer.


Click here to create a free account today. 

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