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How can I protect my brand on Amazon Business?

For brand owners in every industry, protecting trademarked products is crucial to success. That why Amazon offers powerful tools that help you protect your business from unauthorized resellers and trademark infringement, more accurately represent your brand, and find and report intellectual property violations.

Brand Registry

With powerful text- and image-based search capabilities, Brand Registry gives manufacturers and trademark owners like you insight into their brands’ presence on Amazon and Amazon Business.


As a brand owner, you can easily search for infringing or inaccurate content using images, keywords, or an Amazon Standard Identification Number. Reporting suspected violations is done through a streamlined, guided workflow.


Once the 24/7 global investigatory team receives a notification of potential infringement via Brand Registry, they take swift and decisive action. In fact, Amazon investigates and acts on more than 95% of all potential infringements within eight hours.


Automated protections use information about your brand to proactively remove suspected content, and you can also take advantage of machine learning to predict and prevent future infringements.



This new service provides US sellers with item-level tracing that identifies and stops counterfeit products from reaching business customers in the first place.


With Transparency, you can assign a unique, secure code to every unit you manufacture. Amazon scans these alphanumeric codes at its fulfillment centers, ensuring that only authentic products are shipped out to customers.


Who can enroll in Amazon Brand Registry?

Only Amazon vendors or sellers with an active registered trademark that appears on their products or packaging can enroll in Brand Registry. Enrollees must be able to verify themselves as the rights owner or authorized agent for the trademark.

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