One Business Prime membership for everyone on your account

One Business Prime membership for everyone on your account

Reimagine your buying process with exclusive benefits offered by Business Prime to keep your organization moving forward.

So, you’ve created an account with Amazon Business and are ready to keep your organization moving forward? Say no more. Maximize the impact of your Amazon Business account with a Business Prime membership. Similar to the Prime benefits you may receive on your personal Amazon account, Business Prime is more than just fast, FREE shipping; Business Prime provides exclusive benefits to unlock more business savings, visualize spend to better meet your operational goals, and empower your employees to get what they need, when they need it. The best part? Employees enjoy the familiar Amazon shopping experience with Business Prime benefits through one single membership. Let’s take a look at the exclusive benefits available.


Business Prime—a business essential.

Gain clarity on spend to inform smarter business decisions

Access spend insights and track your organization’s buying patterns from anywhere, on any device, with Spend Visibility. Bringing clarity to your spend, you can easily analyze spending patterns with visual dashboards that allow you to quickly identify opportunities for your organization to create new purchasing policies and inform better budgeting decisions. With Spend Visibility, you can customize your dashboards that work for your organization as well as access pre-built dashboards to help you get started quickly.

Discover purchasing insights and dive deep into your spend goals

Spend Visibility Procurement Dashboard
The Procurement Dashboard is provided by Amazon Business to help you analyze your trailing twelve months (TTM) total spend and get visual insights into top spending categories, total spend, monthly spend, and a spend-by-month report curated by product category. 

  • Total Spend (TTM)
  • Number of Orders (TTM)
  • Average Order Size (TTM)
  • Total Number of Items Ordered (TTM)
  • Total Spend by Group (TTM)
  • Total Spend by Company Compliance (TTM)
  • Spend by Month (TTM)
  • Spend by Month and Categories
  • Spend by Product Title
  • Spend by User

Save time and gain more control over employee spending

No one wants to be a micromanager. With Guided Buying, you set the tone for a scalable mechanism to govern and encourage purchasing behaviour throughout your organization. Whether your organization prefers to buy from specific categories and products, or chooses to buy from local suppliers, Guided Buying makes it possible. Identify preferred products or sellers, and restrict or block product categories*, to guide employee buying behaviour across your organization. Employee’s love Guided Buying because it removes the mystery out of what they are approved to buy, and admins appreciate that they gain more time back in their day with less time spent answering employee questions.


Get extended payment terms with eligible membership plans upon approval

Pairing the convenience, value, and selection of Amazon Business with Pay by Invoice can help your organization simplify buying. Easily reconcile purchases through detailed item-level invoices available either by email or in your Amazon Business account. Plus, you can customize your invoices to suit your organization’s billing needs. For example, if your organization has multiple billing addresses, you can create templates specific to each address and assign that template to different groups within the organization.


Expand operations from trusted third-party partners on products and services

Fill operational gaps and get access to member-only deals and offers on products and services, from reputed third-party partners such as GoDaddy, McAfee, Gusto, Next Insurance, Prudential and H&R Block Advisors.


Shipping on your termsconvenient for your business needs

Get the things you need, with convenient shipping that works with your business. Choose your own "Amazon Day" to get eligible orders on the same day each week where available. Or choose Consolidated Shipping on eligible large orders to receive your items in the fewest packages and deliveries possible. This helps consolidate orders to your account on a single day, making deliveries more consistent. Consolidating also reduces the number of boxes, which helps reduce waste.


Unlimited fast, FREE shipping to your business

Remember that item you forgot to order? Now you need it in less than two days. We’ve all been there. Another reason Business Prime helps business carry on as usual is unlimited fast, FREE One- or Two-Day shipping on millions of eligible items, including over 3.6 million office-related products. Plus, you can opt in for consolidated shipping or for setting delivery on the same day every week with Amazon Day.


Why our customers choose Business Prime.


“Business Prime allowed us to keep everything organized under a single Amazon Business account. That alone has saved our schools a lot of money.”

— District Procurement Manager Jared Gardner, Granite School District

“If somebody asked me about getting Business Prime, I would tell them it’s a necessity. There’s no reason not to have it on your account.”
— Matt LaForest, Director of IT, Jukin Media

“We’re expanding, opening a third facility, and we’ve been able to handle the additional requisitions without additional staff, thanks to Business Prime,”
— Eric Serfoss, Director of Supply Chain at CSAT Solutions

“Free delivery through Business Prime is also a major advantage. Otherwise, an average package costs roughly $7.50 to deliver via postal services. Multiply that by the many thousands of monthly deliveries in the US alone, and that gives you an idea of the shipping cost savings with free Amazon delivery.”
— Nassim Kefi, Procurement Advisor, ExxonMobil

Learn what Business Prime can do for your organization and focus more of your energy on what matters most, serving your customers.  

*Select feature only available on Business Prime Enterprise plan.

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