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The Amazon mobile app now supports switching between personal and business accounts

Use Amazon Business anywhere with the capability to switch between personal and business accounts, making on-the-go business purchasing easier.

Amazon Business customers have always been able to use the Amazon mobile app to make business purchases. However, previously you had to log out of your personal account and tog back in using your business one. To simplify this, the app has been updated to allow quick toggling between personal and business accounts, without having to log out, maintaining a safe separation of information between your accounts. 


"We continuously seek opportunities to innovate on behalf of our customers and make buying for work easier. With this feature, we have enabled business customers to purchase from anywhere and have simplified their job by not having to log out from their personal account. However, it is still Day 1, and we will continue to build unique experiences that make business purchasing more convenient" says Terry Leeper, Director of Products & Technology at Amazon Business. 


The app is focused primarily on the buying experience, and all major features required to complete the purchase are available to customers using the app. So, whether you're out in the field closing deals, surveying your construction site, or in a restaurant kitchen, you can now purchase what you need from Amazon Business from anywhere using the same Amazon app you use for personal needs. 


You can download the Amazon app by visiting Google Play store (Android) or Apple App store (iOS). If you already have the app and are logged in with your personal account, you can go to Menu--> Settings--> Switch Accounts, and add your Amazon Business account. From here, you can select a different account, add additional ones, and sign out of any you'd like. 


Any account in the switcher list is available for switching into, without needing a password. If you sign out, the current account will be removed from the switcher list, and another account will be defaulted as the current active account. 


Here is a visual guide of the account switching workflows on the Amazon app: 




Switch accounts



Add an account



Sign out of accounts


Get started by creating a free Amazon Business account today.

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