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What are the costs and fees of selling on Amazon Business?

Costs and fees of selling on Amazon Business

To sell on Amazon Business, you register for an Amazon Business Professional Selling Account, which is $39.99 per month—the same cost as a Professional Selling Account on Amazon.com. There are no long-term contracts associated with the Business Seller program. It a month-to-month agreement you can cancel at any time without penalty just by opting out.


Referral fees

You pay a referral fee on each item sold, which ranges from 8-15% depending on the product category, and certain product categories have minimum fees. Amazon deducts the applicable referral fee percentage based on the total sales price, excluding any taxes calculated through Amazon tax calculation services. For more detailed information about referral fees, see Selling on Amazon Business Fee Schedule.


8-15% Percentage of referral fees depending on product category.

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