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Connect your expense management software to simplify and automate Amazon Business purchasing

Learn how you can streamline your expense management and reconciliation processes.

While procurement teams often prefer employees in their organizations to use eProcurement software, most casual purchasers want a simple way to expense Amazon Business purchases. Uploading receipts into an expense management solution and reconciling line-item breakdowns to bank or credit card statements is time consuming, manual, and fraught with error. On average, employees spend 23.4 minutes and $67.88 of staff costs per expense report1. Amazon Business is teaming up with expense management solutions to offer a simplified expense process, starting with Emburse Chrome River and Zoho Expense. Here’s how it works. 

Reshaping expense reporting

Available today, Zoho Expense and Emburse Chrome River MasterCard customers in the US have access to a seamless synchronization and reconciliation process through an integration with Amazon Business. Expenses with line-item detail are automatically created in the expense management application saving time on reconciling purchases. If you’re an administrator, you’ll gain visibility on spending patterns, increase line-item clarity to ensure spend is compliant, and reduce risk from error-prone manual expense workflows.


Otterbein University shared "Chrome River's integration with Amazon Business made the decision to centralize the university's spend with Amazon Business a no-brainer. Taking away the need for our users to do any manual entry saves huge amounts of time, streamlines reconciliation and guarantees data accuracy, all of which leads to significant cost savings for us."


Enabling your success


This integration is designed to make expensing your business purchases easier, and will only work with your company’s Amazon Business account and will not work with personal Amazon.com accounts You can create a new Amazon Business account, or convert your existing personal account to a free business account. Once you’re in Amazon Business’s online store, you’ll discover a vast selection designed to meet the needs of businesses. You’ll also recognize the convenience and value you expect from Amazon, with unique benefits and features designed for businesses of all sizes. For example, you’ll get access to expedited shipping and delivery options and a variety of discounts like Quantity Discounts, to help you save time and money.


Emburse Chrome River MasterCard customers can click here and Zoho customers can click here to enable. We will be expanding this feature across other applications, so keep an eye out for upcoming integrations.

If you are an Accounting or Expense Management software partner looking to integrate your application to Amazon Business to reconcile purchases, contact us here.


[1] Global Business Travel Association: https://www.gbta.org/blog/how-much-do-expense-reports-really-cost-a-company/

About the Author

Kishan Shah

About the Author

Kishan Shah

Kishan leads partner development with Accounting and Expense Management software for Amazon Business.

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