Back to School checklist Back to School checklist

Are you ready for Back to School?

A checklist for faculty and staff to help simplify procurement through self-enabled features for a seamless shopping experience.

Summer break has begun for many students, but that’s not quite the case for faculty and staff. A majority use the summer months to prepare for the upcoming academic year. Staff members are focused on finding ways to improve their educational organization’s operations and retain faculty, keeping students as their top priority. Meanwhile, teachers and professors are tasked to create instructional materials, provide students with the right educational materials, and foster a motivating learning environment. Procurement plays a key role in assuring a smooth first day back for students. It’s time to evaluate your Amazon Business account and check if your organization is set up to continue making smart business buying decisions, as you get ready for Back to School shopping.


We have created a checklist to help simplify Back to School procurement through self-enabled features, ensuring you are equipped with a seamless shopping experience to provide for your students.

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