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What are the requirements for selling on Amazon Business?

Amazon is obsessed with the customer experience. When we launched in 1995, our mission was to become earth most customer-centric company. That goal continues, but today our customers include millions of businesses around the world—and they rightly have high expectations for their Amazon Business experience.

A commitment to the customer

Selling on Amazon Business requires a high standard of reliability and performance because members of the Business Seller program are held to more stringent requirements than those businesses selling on Amazon.com. Sellers that have a high pre-shipment cancellation rate, that ship late a lot, or have a high defect rate won’t be able to meet the needs of Amazon Business customers.

If you’re a current Professional Seller on Amazon.com, you may be eligible for the Business Seller program based on your performance history. If you’re not currently eligible for the program, you can request a special exception for access; we’ll review your request and get back to you within about three days.


Business seller requirements

As an Amazon Business Seller, you must meet customer expectations, deliver on promises, and provide high-quality goods. To ensure a consistently superior experience, we ask that you meet requirements related to packaging and performance.


Business order packaging requirements

  • Tracking number on every package
  • Packing slip in every order
  • Purchase order number with every package (when provided by customer)


Minimum performance requirements

  • Under 1% pre-shipment cancellation rate
  • Under 2% late shipping rate
  • Under.5% order defect rate (A-to-Z claims, returns, chargebacks)


Many companies that already sell to retail customers have the infrastructure and ability to meet Amazon Business performance requirements. We provide you with powerful analytics tools in Seller Central that give you real-time insights into key performance metrics, so you always know where you stand.

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